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We can sell your business

Deciding to sell your business may be one of the hardest decisions of your life. To ensure the success and growth of your business, you have had to have been dedicated, given your time and of course you have made sacrifices. So, when the time to sell your life’s work comes around, you want to make the right decision to ensure that you capitalise on your personal and financial investment.

At some stage, all business owners are required to consider the most effective exit strategy that meets their needs. For all proprietors, the issue is what can be done to ensure the optimum return on their investment and, of course, a simple and well organised sale process when that time arrives. Your chance of a successful sale is much greater when you plan and prepare your business for sale by enlisting the assistance of a professional team to support you.

Business owners considering selling should document and present their business for sale to the market in a format that potential buyers quickly gain an understanding of the opportunity. Accord’s professionals are leaders in preparing the right information to assist in this process and our experience, negotiating skills and proven techniques assist you to achieve a premium price for your business.

Prepare your business for sale

Our consultants can assist you in the professional preparation of your business for sale.

How do we do this?

Step 1

An orientation meeting with you (free of charge) with the following objectives

(i) Obtain an understanding of the current status of your business

(ii) Identify the profile of a prospective purchaser of your business

(iii) Explain to you how we go about locating prospective purchaser(s)

(iv) Provide an initial appraisal of the “value as a going concern”

Step 2

Your best next step:

You engage your Accord consultant and in doing so your business is exposed to the entire Accord business services network.

Step 3

Both parties agree on marketing costs, fees and commissions

Step 4

Your Accord consultant will explain to you our proven processes in finding prospective purchasers

In consultation with you, we prepare sales documentation geared to anticipate the inevitable due diligence phase in the sale process.

We anticipate what might transpire and what’s involved once a prospective purchaser becomes involved.

Naturally, Accord Business Brokers treats all information as highly confidential and we observe discretion at all times.

More information required?

Please call us on 03 9569-2883 or send us your contact details to and we will provide more information about our businesses for sale preparation services.

If you are located in New South Wales, you can call Ross on 02 9238 8145 or 0412 208 007.


Looking to buy a business?

Many of us want to realise our dream and own and operate our own business. But finding the right business to suit our experience, needs, financial requirements and lifestyle can be a long and onerous task.

The Accord team of professionals has been operating in the business services industry for more than a decade, providing assistance to both vendors and potential buyers of businesses.

Our professional consultants across Australia have extensive accounting, business management, marketing and sales experience in a wide range of industries, both large and small.

The combined experience and expertise of the Accord professionals has been assembled for you to take advantage of our business acumen.

We are well placed to provide you with the required support and exposure to assist you in the purchase of your own business.

Here are some tips to help you focus on the initial important issues:

Consider concentrating your search on the industry in which you have the most experience - avoid temptations to try something different. This will make your bank manager happier

Involve independent advisors and take their advice onboard as part of your overall orientation process

Get to know the trends in the industry of choice, even join the respective industry association and do your homework in terms of expected industry developments over the coming years

Formulate an initial Business and Marketing Plan as an aid to better narrow down the kind of business you are looking for

Most businesses do not appear to quite fit with what you are looking for, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It may open up an opportunity for you to develop and make it fit

In any event, make sure that when you finally decide to purchase, that the capital investment in that business provides you at least with the minimal return expected in your budget forecast

Accord Business Brokers is committed to providing a professional and efficient service to both potential buyers and vendors and aims to assist both parties to reach their desired goal.

For more information contact:


Business Diagnostic Service

Research into the areas of business maximisation for acquisition or disposal has identified the benefits of a professional diagnostic for business evaluation and assessment.

In conjunction with recognised business development consultants, we provide to our clients a professional diagnostic service for the evaluation and appraisal of the business. The diagnostic includes:

Review of current business performance in the areas of:

* Marketing / Sales
* Finance (review to benchmark and best practices)
* Management (performance, structure, assets / risk management)
* Structure of the organization
* Services
* Operations
* Systems and administration

Review of current business with respect to:

* Current and future market activities
* Competitive position
* Market positioning and strategic strength

SWOT analysis of the review process ANALYSIS

Summary and recommendations


Management presents the diagnostic as a bound report for the appropriate use.


The diagnostic is conducted over a two to three week period with input from management and providing information from company records.

What is offered

A highly professional Management Support System of business development consultants with both domestic and international experience in the arena of business and trade activities.

This capability has enabled them to offer a focused range of specialist consulting services in the areas of:

* Marketing (Domestic and International)
* Research
* Manufacturing
* Facilitation
* Management
* Strategic Planning
* Retail Management
* Financial Management
* Trade and Market Reports
* Quality Assurance / TQM
* Training

The Business Development Team offers a balanced mix of trained professionals that combines to offer a tailor made team of specialists.

For more information contact:

Operational Diagnostic Service

This service provides an analysis of the operational aspects of a business in areas such as:

* Operational planning
* Strategic planning
* Marketing
* Staffing
* Administration
* Internal communication & accountability

A diagnostic service is not just about identifying any shortcomings within an organization.

It goes much further than that.

We have found in many cases, that a business:

* Is largely dependent on the current owner for its success

* Needs an environment where staff are part of the success of the business

* Needs plans to take advantage of the available staff productivity potential

* Needs a financial management focus that drives rather than records business activity

* Needs a marketing plan to exploit the position in the market place

An operational diagnostic identifies and implements improvement programs tailored to the needs of your business.

More information required?

Please call us on 03 9569-2883 or send us your contact details to and we will provide more information about our Operational Diagnostic Services.


Shared Equity Proposals

Vendors of sizeable successful businesses may qualify for shared equity proposals or venture capital.

The acquisition of a sizeable private company by a single purchaser is for obvious reasons rare. Not too many individuals would be prepared to risk their entire asset base to buy a single business, or would otherwise have access to sufficient funding.

To submit shared equity proposals to private investors the following parameters apply:

* Preparation of an extensive independent diagnostic report
* Audit of company records and financial accounts
* Core management requirements and appraisal
* Sale price considerations
* Level of vendor involvement in entire process
* Level of involvement of key employees
* Identification of key business drivers
* Exit strategies for stakeholders

More information required?

Please call us on 03 9569-2883 or send us your contact details to and we will provide more information about our Shared Equity Proposals.

For more information contact:

About Accord


Accord Business Brokers

The team at Accord Business Brokers has been operating in the business services industry for more than a decade, providing assistance in the growth, preparation, marketing and sale of businesses. The professional consultants of our national network all possess a range of experience in a variety of industries. This ensures that we are well placed to provide you with the required expertise, support and exposure to assist you in divesting your business.

Accord prides itself on its professional ethics and strong commitment to providing quality service to business owners. We continually strive to provide professional support in business sales and ancillary services for owners seeking to exit their business and realise a suitable sale price.

Over the past 10 years we have been able to build up a wealth of experience across a number of different industries. Our network of qualified Principals has evolved from a wide range of backgrounds, adding a variety of industry skills including:

* Marketing
* Senior Management
* Information Technology
* Accounting
* Sales Management
* Franchising Expertise
* Business Management Consulting
* Transport and Bulk Haulage
* Leisure and Entertainment
* Health Systems Management
* Equity Raising
* Environmental Management

We believe that we are Australia’s leading specialists in the marketing and sales of small to medium enterprises. We are leaders in our industry due to our quality team of professionals, our commitment to keeping up-to-date with technology, new methodologies and practices to facilitate a business sale.

Accord is well qualified to assist you in the business sale process, no matter what your industry or size of your business.




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